Junior Career Fellowship for Tania!

We are very happy to announce that Tania, who is performing studies for her medical doctor in our lab, collaborating with Prof. Andreas Kulozik’s group at the University clinics, Heidelberg, was recently awarded the Junior Career Fellowship (JCF) of the Heidelberg Research Center for Molecular Medicine (HRCMM). Her work will be part of the MMPU group Molecular Pediatric Oncology (led by Jan Korbel and Andreas Kulozik). Congratulations!

Heidelberg Molecular Life Science (HMLS) Award 2018 for Jan Korbel!

Together with Stefan Pfister (University clinics Heidelberg), Jan Korbel is receiving the Heidelberg Molecular Life Science (HMLS) Award 2018 – congratulations! The award honors internationally recognized achievements of his scientific research in life sciences and acknowledges not only recent scientific breakthroughs but also his effort in mentoring young scientists and success in initiating new research activities. The award ceremony will take place on December 12th at 5pm and you can find more information here. Congratulations, Jan!

Welcome, new Korbel group members!

October was “busy” for the group as we welcome four new group members: Patrick Hasenfeld joined the group at the beginning of October as a new Research Technician. He was followed by our two new PhD student who will be busy with the Predoc course in the upcoming weeks, Maja Starostecka and Wolfram Höps. Finally, Tania Christiansen joined last week and will do an internship with us for the next months. Check out the people section for details!

New Publication in Bioinformatics!

There is a very recent publication in collaboration with Tobias Marschall and his group at the MPI in Saarbrücken in Bioinformatics on a new algorithm called SaaRclust for de novo assembly. SaaRclust aligns single-cell Strand-seq data directly onto long reads to perform an in silico separation of the data into chromosomes prior to assembly. By using the directionality of Strand-seq they clustered long sequencing reads by chromosomal origin and haplotype.

Congratulations, Sebastian!

In a new publication on childhood medullobastoma in Lancet Oncology we propose criteria for routine genetic screenings based on clinical and molecular tumour characteristics. Please also see the feature on the EMBL webpage here. This work resulted from a large international collaboration with researchers  e.g. from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, and Hopp Children’s Cancer Center at the NCT Heidelberg (KiTZ).