We are looking for highly motivated additions to our team.

You are curious and and eager to contribute to our science? 

You will have the unique opportunity to benefit from the combination of experimental and computational approaches in our lab! You are interested and/or have research experience in one of the following areas – you should get in touch with us!

  • Application of omics data to unravel molecular mechanisms.
  • Development of novel methods: deep learning, cloud computing, statistical methods for handling and integrating high-dimensional big data sets.
  • Understanding complex phenotypes from cancer to common diseases and ageing.
  • Using single cell-based approaches for identifying and characterizing genetic variation.
  • Performing multi omics analysis, e.g. germline, somatic, epigenome and transcriptomic data
  • Being part of translational settings within multiple national and international collaborations with clincal partners.

There are opportunities to join our research group as a postdoctoral researcher, PhD student or intern, see below.

Postdoc positions

Ideal candidates should have a published record of achievements that would enable them to successfully apply for postdoctoral fellowships. Please send your application including a CV, letters of recommendation, and a short outline of your research interests to Nina Habermann

PhD students

We are recruiting PhD students within the EMBL International PhD Programme.


We are welcoming master students or students performing an internship for at least 6 months. Please send your CV and a brief motivation letter to Nina Habermann